About Me - Aja Radl

Welcome to my photo website.

I am passionate about macro nature and underwater close up photography and I hope you enjoy my galleries. I continually add to this site, so please check back regularly for updates.

And please feel free to leave any comments or species identification corrections..

My photographs are for sale (and look particularly good when printed on canvas), so if you are interested in making a purchase you can contact me by email at aja.radl33@gmail.com or by using the Contact form above to discuss your order needs.

Thank you for visiting.

Nikon D7100, Nauticam Housing, Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobes, Nikon AF-S 60mm Macro, Nikon AF-S 105mm Macro, Tokina 1.4x converter, Subsea +10 Close up diopter

Bonaire Outlets

I have driftwood framed canvas prints of popular Bonaire photos for sale at the following locations on Bonaire:

Pasa Bon Pizza (Bar area)

Multishop Local Arts (next to Between Two Buns)

Bonaire Turtle Conservation (STCB) (on Kaya Korona)

Taking a Bargibanti pygmy seahorse..
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